We accept up to 60 guests, 1 bus to 50 guests.

We have a home furnace (krušna peč), where the cooking and home baked goodies. We offer a home prepared lunch and tourist grilled delicacies.

We have also for those guests who are interested in the farming operation, they invite the time of harvest, "ličkanje" corn, kolin ... to join us. In addition, you can see our animals: cows, pigs ...
- Soup (mushroom, beef)
- Home dry salami
- Knob
- Fat
- Meat from tunka
- Cheese
- Vegetables
- Cheese potica

- Apple juice
- Mineral water
  (enriched with magnesium, Rogaška Slatina)
- Tea
- Lemonade
- Milk
- Between

- White and red wine
- Borovničevec
- Medica
- Slivovitz
The Trieste hill is that they came from 500 years ago Perkovic, and our farm, there is 500 years. However, since we are far from Rogaška Slatine are characteristic of the place or the natural springs. Donat, which is enriched with magnesium and cure metabolic diseases.